Dr Angelika is an expert in aesthetic facial contouring. This is where the face is looked at as a whole and fillers are injected in several areas to create a more aesthetically pleasing facial structure or to reduce signs of ageing whilst maintaining a natural look.

Facial sculpting or reshaping with fillers is sometimes called a ‘liquid facelift’.

It’s a personalised treatment tailored to each individuals unique features and preferences. Treating areas together is a great way to maintain balance and harmony, as change in one area can greatly affect another.

Cheeks, Mid-face and Jawline are often treated together this way.

If you aren’t sure what would be most effective for you, you can trust Angelika to use her professional judgement and make you look your best. She has a great eye for beauty and can help to balance out your features towards a scientifically proven ‘golden ratio’

Some examples of Angelika’s work

Nasolabial folds, mid-face and chin

Nasolabial folds & chin / jawline reshaping to clients personal preference

Chin Enhancement for a more ‘chiselled’ appearance

Jawline and mid-face work by Dr Angelika. 

Facial sculpting with fillers is a great way to rejuvenate the face without the need for expensive surgery and significant downtime. The results can also be more subtle and natural looking than a surgical facelift.

Many younger patients also like the option to enhance facial features for a more visually attractive appearance.

Filler treatments aren’t permanent and the results will gradually fade. If you change your mind, they are also easily dissolved. Hyaluronic acid based fillers in the face typically last around 9-18 months depending on your metabolism and lifestyle. A top-up treatment may be desired at that point. Radiesse – a calcium based filler can be used in some areas which lasts up to 24 months.

Dr Angelika previously worked in one of the top clinics in Moscow where she was in high demand.
We are extremely pleased to bring her to our London clinic and are sure you will be happy with her work!



Full Face by Dr Angelika,  4ml
+ 1 zone anti-wrinkle injections. £500 £660

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Full Face by Dr Angelika
Dr Angelika (4ml) £550
Dr Angelika (5ml) £650
Dr Angelika (6ml) £750
(Jawline, chin, cheeks/cheekbones, nasolabial folds, marionette lines – filled placed across these areas according to your needs)
Dr Angelika £210 / ml
Chin & Jawline
Dr Angelika £210 / ml
Nasolabial (Smile Lines)
Dr Angelika £210
PRP Plasma Hair Restoration
Dr Angelika £170
PRP Face rejuvenation
Dr Angelika £170
Morpheus 8 - 1 Session
Dr Angelika £500

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Morpheus 8 - 3 Sessions
Dr Angelika £1200
Lumecca IPL
Dr Angelika £200
Anti-Wrinkle Injections
Dr Angelika £110 (1 area)
Dr Angelika £150 (2 areas)
Dr Angelika £230 (3 areas)